Sex therapy is a service that is offered to both individuals and couples. This service focuses primarily on the actual sexual relationship or sexual concern. People seek sex therapy for a variety or reasons such as: recovering from an affair, sexual desire differences in the marriage, erectile dysfunction, orgasm difficulties, pornography use, past sexual trauma, and issues with infertility, as well as other issues related to body image and self-esteem. While sex therapy is unique in it’s focus on sexuality, we spend a great deal of time focused on your relationship as well.

The process of sex therapy can be difficult for many people because most people have at least a little discomfort with the topic of sex. I do what I can to make our conversations as comfortable as possible. One way I do that is by treating your story with respect and reminding us both of how difficult these topics can be. Please note that sex therapy is similar to marriage counseling in the sense that this is “talk therapy.” Click here to learn more specifics about the process of sex therapy.