We Disagree on How Often We Should Have Sex

Many, many couples face what’s known as a desire discrepancy or a desire gap. One spouse wants sex more often than the other. Statistics seem to show that in about 1/3 of marriages, the wife has the higher level of desire and in the other 2/3 of marriages the husband has the higher level.

There are times when a gap like this can cause quite a bit of conflict in the couple. The couple may begin to argue more in general because they are connecting less often physically, or they may even begin fighting directly about sex.

Luckily, there is hope! If you and your spouse have been arguing about sex, or if you just feel like the two of you disagree on how often you should have sex, watch this 6.5 minute video for some advice on lessening the gap or gaining some compromise.

If watching this video makes you want to seek out some extra help, I encourage you to contact the American Board of Christian Sex Therapists to find a counselor in your area. They can help you resolve issues related to your marriage and your intimate lives.

Be blessed friends!

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