I had the opportunity recently to join Dr. Christine Bacon on her radio show, Breakfast With Bacon. We’ve had several great conversations, and most recently we talked specifically about hook-up culture and how the hook-up mindset is destroying marriages. You can listen in right here.

Basically, hook-up culture aims to have a no-strings attached sexual relationship. It’s similar to the old “friends with benefits” that some couples try. In fact, it has become such a part of the lives of millennials that they even describe the interaction as one designed to keep you from “catching feelings.” For the most part, when hook up culture is discussed, it stays within the realm of the unmarried millennial. I believe, however, that many of these ideals have crept into our marriages and caused us to have the same approach to our sexuality. Instead of practicing sacrificial love-making, we can be guilt of striving to have our own needs met with no regard for our spouse.

I’d love for you to listen in and then come back here to let me know your thoughts on the “hook-up marriage” that I briefly touch on.

Christians should enjoy their marital intimacy and we should have a higher aim than reaching for orgasm. Sexual intimacy has to be about a mutual bonding and enjoyable experience if we are to have the connecting love life that God designed for us.

You’ll notice on this episode that we have started taking listener questions. We really hope that you’ll tune in next time (details coming) and give us some of your burning questions. As always, you can send your questions to me anonymously through the “ask a question” tab.

Blessing on you and your marriage!
Dr. Jessica