Last month I shared my reading list with you. Just thought I’d share my February list as well. I’m always up for hearing about any books you’re reading.

#1. The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion
I admit that I don’t take time to read novels all that often. This particular one was a great choice, though. This is the love story of Don (a man with autism) and the completely unconventional Rosie. It’s told from Don’s perspective. If you know someone with autism, you’ll find this book a great comic relief with just the right touch of emotional pull. Just a warning – this is not a “Christian” book. It has some cussing and one of the characters sleeps around a lot. But, if that is not too off putting, check it out because it really is a great book that produced no other result but entertainment. A win! 

#2. The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages by Shaunti Feldhahn
I’ve read a few books already by Shaunti Feldhahn and what I love about her most is her heart for research. Her books will give you insights that are backed by science and evidence. This particular book separates highly happy couples (what she refers to as Yes! couples), and “mostly happy” or so-so couples. She teaches the skills that are necessary to bring someone from “mostly happy” or unhappy to “highly happy.” Amazingly enough, the skills are not too terribly difficult to practice, as long as you only try one or two at a time. Helpful quote from the book: “It turns out that positive changes in a marriage rarely depend on one difficult spouse suddenly becoming an altogether different person. Usually, the opposite is true. Change – even in challenging marriages – most often starts with one immediate, practical, and surprising choice. A choice made by just one partner.”

#3. Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey
This one, I admit, is a book that I never would have picked up off the shelf if it hadn’t been recommended to me. The word “feminism” paints a pretty negative picture for me. The author does a great job of redefining feminism as the way that Jesus treated women and how we should treat women to be more Christ-like with one another. Bessey writes in a non-judgmental tone while holding to firm convictions. She writes with soul and pours out her heart. Here’s a small example of what she taught: “…there is no more hateful person than a Christian who thinks you’ve got your theology wrong. In our hunger to be right, we memorize arguments, ready to spit them out at a moment’s notice. Sadly, we reduce each other, brothers and sisters, to straw men arguments, and brand each other ‘enemies of the gospel’.” Whew… Love wins and we should practice more of it.

#4. Psychocybernetics by Maxwell Maltz
This book was recommended to me recently and another one that I wouldn’t have necessarily picked out for myself. This book is a cross between a psychology book and a self-help book. The author does a great job of providing several studies to help you understand why visualization and positive imagery can help you succeed. If you’re having trouble with anxiety, depression, or general feelings of disappointment in life, this would be a great way of experiencing more happiness. It’s both easy to digest and understand…a little bit more difficult to implement. But, what helpful strategies aren’t at least a little difficult to put in place.

Happy reading, friends!